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Making Things Happen – Going BTS with an Events Planner

17-12-2018 / Events & Weddings

I’m Wiktoria Furmaniak and my role here at The Savoy is Social and Corporate Events Planner. I have been part of the events industry for over six years now, having started with freelance production jobs during my time at university before moving into full time event management and sales positions. I’ve attended a countless number of events, written a blog focusing on innovation and creativeness in the events industry, and been a writer for the first online platform for fashion industry professionals in Poland. I joined The Savoy’s events team earlier this year.


The reaction I get the most in a conversation about my role as an events manager is, ‘Best job ever! You must be having so much fun’. Well, absolutely. I am loving my job and enjoying every minute of it but it’s a misconception that a job in events is all swank and glamour. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to get to the glossy images you see on Instagram, and there is so much more to events than festivals and party planning.

Being in events really is a 24-hour job because we run and plan several projects at the same time. A normal day can start with a road show breakfast first thing and finish with a ballroom dinner for 300 guests. Alongside that there are meetings, site visits and menu tastings in between. And we’re constantly on hand to answer all our clients’ questions to ensure they are getting the exacting level of service we offer at The Savoy.


What you see when you attend a wedding, a festival or a convention is just the final effect, the cherry on top. What you will not usually know is that it most likely took weeks if not months of budgeting, preparations, meetings, phone calls and last minute changes to get to the very day.

When planning an event, we need to go through every small detail with the client and then communicate it to each relevant department. Whether it be flowers for the tables, bespoke menus or a guest rooming list, everything needs to be planned to perfection – just as the client had pictured it.

Here at The Savoy we make things happen. We don’t just sell the dream, we create it. And we do it with a smile.