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Up The Garden Path Autumn 2018 - Covent Garden Guide

18-11-2018 / Only in London

As a neighbourhood that combines rich culture and history with fantastic shopping, Covent Garden is home to all sorts of unusual stories and characters. In our new quarterly guide to Covent Garden Jeannine Saba, founder of The Covent Gardener magazine speaks about some of her highlights as a resident and neighbour.

Hello and welcome to Up The Garden Path, a quarterly guide to the surrounding area of this stunning hotel. As a resident of Covent Garden I feel fortunate to call myself a local and I take pride in being up to date on all the latest events and performances around town. Each article I will endeavour to send you on paths less trodden, shining a light on the hidden gems that might otherwise pass you by.

For example, I’m sure many of you were already looking forward to discovering The Royal Opera House and the sweeping Piazza. But have you ventured through the Queen Jubilee Coin Maze, a haven of calm nestled in the St Paul’s Church Courtyard? Likewise, keep an eye out for the Donkey Plaque on Southampton Street, a nod to the thousands of costermonger’s donkeys who worked the market tirelessly in the 19th century. And standing inconspicuously on Garrick Street you will find Anne Frank’s Tree, donated by Sir Ben Kingsley in 2001 as a touching dedication to the horse-chestnut tree she admired from her window in Amsterdam.

Coming up this season I must recommend the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair on 25th November at The Freemason’s Hall. Over 50 stands will be selling pieces from the last 100 years of design. With such highlights as the 1970s Moonglow Lucite bracelets from Viva Vintage Jewels and the luxurious faux fur coats from Crystal Vintage, it’s the perfect opportunity to steal a march on your Christmas shopping.

Over at the London Coliseum, the English National Opera will be staging Benjamin Britten’s timeless War Requiem. Playing from 16th November – 7th December and created especially to mark the centenary of the First World War, Director Daniel Kramer’s contemporary production promises to do more than justice to one of the great choral works of the 20th century.

As Editor of The Covent Gardener – a magazine which peeks behind the curtain of our storied surroundings – it has been my privilege to explore one of London’s, and indeed the world’s, most visited addresses. The Savoy has been a treasured friend since our very first issue in 2016 and it is my great pleasure to help illuminate these cobbled streets for you.

Finally, between you and me, there is no better way to start the day than breakfast at The Savoy’s very own Kaspar’s. The menu is to die for, but my top tip has to be the Salmon and Mash. You won’t be disappointed!