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Savoy x Gucci

The Savoy & Gucci's intertwined histories

Founder of Gucci, Guccio Gucci, worked at The Savoy as a luggage porter when a young man. During this time, he gained direct access to the tastes and needs of travelling customers, escorting them from floor to floor. Seeing the luxurious luggage and elegant clothes of guests was a major impetus in his desire to start his own leather goods company, shortly after his return to Italy from London.
One hundred years from that moment, The Savoy and Gucci are pleased to celebrate their shared history in a host of creative ways, from design features to exceptional experiences for guests and clients.

Two renowned heritage brands come together

The relationship between the two was first under the spotlight upon the reveal of the Gucci Aria Collection in April 2021, privately screened locally at The Savoy. The Collection and its presentation included numerous nods to the hotel and its role in shaping the House's mythology.
The second iteration saw the transformation of The Savoy’s Royal Suite into a reflection of the Gucci world, featuring furniture, furnishings and decorative items from the Gucci Décor collection.

Gucci Valigeria

The next step in the Savoy X Gucci journey was the launch of the heritage-infused Gucci Savoy Collection and, at the heart of The Savoy, the inauguration of a Gucci Valigeria space, an ephemeral ‘pop up’ which welcomed guests to experience a curated selection from the House's travel and lifestyle offering.

Gucci Cosmos

In 2023, The House of Gucci opened the Gucci Cosmos exhibition in London which showcased the House's most iconic designs from it's over 102 year history. The first stop of the exhibition was a recreation of The Savoy's famous red lift, as the interactive elements narrate the ties between the two iconic brands.